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  4. hi every body how can I create a section like below in my posts?
    Great plugin! It works as expected. Thanks for sharing it!
  5. you right i not sent them over... i must been that busy i dreamed that sent them back in end Novemeber i need upload them.
  6. Okay, on the list for the next release, hope I can make it until the end of the year.
  7. We are using the default IPS download application, but in Clubs. Join a Club and you should be able to download it's files.
  8. No, these are the only files you sent us ...
  9. Hello, very nice little plugin! Would be awesome if you guys could add an option to disable it for mobile use.
  10. Thank you, works perfect! PS: for people like me that never cleared there cache before System -> Support -> Something isn't working correctly -> Continue
  11. Whiz

    Mind theme?

    nice how do i even download things here
  12. If need any changes to the theme for any xmas items permission can be given to Invisionify to make any changes, the theme have been sent to you guys on IPS Community site.
  13. i am also on the same boat. looking to update IPB to 4.5 but require the mind theme
  14. I won't do that without direct permission of Pete T since this would be copyright infringement. It is not that important to take the risk.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    With this plugin you can embed videos from Odysee automatically like YouTube. You can test the plugin before you buy it in this thread (we are going to clean it up from time to time). Please keep in mind that - depending on the video - not all contents might be embeddable, just like on YouTube too.
  16. That's what I was afraid of, $25,- Can you export the theme from your site and send me a copy, because I'm not going to buy this just for testing a plugin.
  17. Hey, fortunately it is still there: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8621-haze-45/
  18. I can take a look, is that theme still on the MP or can you send me the file for testing?
  19. Hey there, I just gave this a try and it seems it is not compatible with Haze from Pete T. Is is t possible to move this depending on current theme slightly to the top? Cheers Werner
  20. That would be AMAZING! Thank you SOOOO much!! If I don’t respond immediately don’t worry — it’s nearly 9pm here and I work tomorrow morning! But I will respond ASAP!
  21. I'll PM you when I'm back home in about 4hrs.
  22. I looked and it seems to be gone, though! Pete did say he sent you his last update on it to 4.5; is there any way that could possibly be sent/posted? It’s the one layout my website uses? I would be extremely grateful!
  23. The Marketplace still shows Heosforo as the owner of the Mind and Chocolate themes, so I don't even know if we are allowed to offer it here.
  24. Since Invisionify took over for Pete T's Invision Focus, do you guys happen to have the Mind theme he updated for 4.5 right before he closed down his site? It was the theme I used, and, in updating, the theme is not functioning properly. Any chance of sharing, possibly?
  25. Both should be fixed now, thx for the info
  26. I use latest Firefox (64 bits) !
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