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  2. Hey, fortunately it is still there: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8621-haze-45/
  3. I can take a look, is that theme still on the MP or can you send me the file for testing?
  4. Hey there, I just gave this a try and it seems it is not compatible with Haze from Pete T. Is is t possible to move this depending on current theme slightly to the top? Cheers Werner
  5. Yesterday
  6. That would be AMAZING! Thank you SOOOO much!! If I don’t respond immediately don’t worry — it’s nearly 9pm here and I work tomorrow morning! But I will respond ASAP!
  7. I'll PM you when I'm back home in about 4hrs.
  8. I looked and it seems to be gone, though! Pete did say he sent you his last update on it to 4.5; is there any way that could possibly be sent/posted? It’s the one layout my website uses? I would be extremely grateful!
  9. Last week
  10. The Marketplace still shows Heosforo as the owner of the Mind and Chocolate themes, so I don't even know if we are allowed to offer it here.
  11. Since Invisionify took over for Pete T's Invision Focus, do you guys happen to have the Mind theme he updated for 4.5 right before he closed down his site? It was the theme I used, and, in updating, the theme is not functioning properly. Any chance of sharing, possibly?
  12. Both should be fixed now, thx for the info
  13. I use latest Firefox (64 bits) !
  14. What browser are you using? Already adjusted that for Chrome
  15. I'm gonna install it on our Demo-Site when I'm back home with a page full of widgets. What you can't see now, it comes with a setting to change the dropdown navigation to the traditional one.
  16. You should enabled more widgets on clasic blue that we can see - i had that skin when i was on 4.4. 10 - nice and simple and fast skin!
  17. maybe here also some padding - attached picture
  18. Okay, a little more padfing. On the list...
  19. Take a look in attached picture!
  20. Agree but most important princip that my paid files i want on my PC (looking for take miliseconds if is it organized on right way). If you need reinstall some apps or plugins - (not uninstall) should be problem but no if you have files on PC. I only buy now from developer direct - works perfect.
  21. Thanks - hope that you will be millionaire .
  22. I am ambiguous. Advantages: no need to look for the resources in the Marketplace no need to download them on the disk no need to find out where I have uploaded them and is that an actual version that I have searching in ACP and one click install of the latest version - that saves time quality check is done so that the resources should not corrupt my projects (ideally!) Disadvantages: hacks needed to log in into Marketplace behind .htaccess long approving time for the apps due to the quality check no manual upload for 4.5 resources that
  23. Coming soon, live beta on this site If you find any bugs you can already report them here before the release ...
  24. Our versions are all for 4.5, you should not use them on 4.4
  25. Are those free plugins (from Pete T.) compatible with IPS 4.5? On download page there is no info about that. Should be fine if you can add info. regards
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