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    Sign In As Member

    This plugin adds a button "Sign in" to the user's hovercard and profile header to log in as member.
    Full administrators have the permission per default. To set up users who can use the button, in your AdminCP go to Members -> Staff -> Administrators. Select the existing group or click on Add Administrator and grant access for System -> Members -> Can sign in as members. 
    For security reason, the button is not available on hovercards and profiles of the users that have access to AdminCP. For those users you can still use the default "Sign in as" feature in AdminCP.


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  2. $24.50

    [BLACK FRIDAY 30%] Paid Listings

    This app adds two new product types to your IPS Commerce Store: Featured Item and Pinned Item. From now you can sell featuring and pinning of any content in your suite to your users. This package allows to sell featuring of the following content:
    Forum Topic Blog Entry Calendar Event Downloads File Gallery Image Gallery Album Club Pages Article Any record from Pages database Any 3rd party item if it is featurable (refer to the developer of 3rd party app if you are not sure) This package allows to sell pinning of the following content:
    Forum Topic Blog Entry Downloads File Gallery Image Pages Article Any record from Pages databases Any 3rd party item if it is pinnable (refer to the developer of 3rd party app if you are not sure) While creating a product you can select only one content type, e. g. Forum Topic or combine different content types like Gallery Image and Article in one. You can create different categories as well. It’s up to you how you structure your sale offer.
    Note: this app requires IPS Commerce. Because of the many Commerce settings, you can define:
    one-time price free trials discounts renewals every X days/months etc. groups allowed to buy feature/pin content available payment methods moving users into another group after purchase and more IPS Block Manager allows you to create blocks with featured items only. You can place them in any area of your suite and any application, to promote paid listings.

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  3. $21

    [BLACK FRIDAY 30%] Databases in Clubs

    This app allows creating club features based on the Pages databases. This app does NOT create new databases for clubs. It creates a category based on the existing database. E. g. if you have a database Articles, the app allows the clubs‘ owners to create an own Article category within the club. The databases used in clubs should be defined by community administrators and enabled for usage in the clubs. Only databases that use categories can be used in clubs. Visit a demo club.
    Set per group permission for every database in the group settings Database category permissions are replaced by club permissions Club owner can change the category name and description Show records in the club overview tab Clubs use database templates for Category List, Record, and Record Form set in the database settings NOTE: IPS Pages must be installed and enabled to use this app.

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