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Who was online (hours)

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I'm looking for an update of Who was online (hours) plugin for IPS 4.6.

Previously it worked nice and I've not noticed it's deletion from official Marketplace.

The link from plugin's record in ACP moved me here. So, is this plugin still supported by someone?

Thank you.

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Good morning guys,

to make a long story short, invisionfocus.COM is dead. The owner left the invision community, but before that he sold the rights to all his applications, themes and even the domain to us. Sadly he "forgot" to hand out the files/devfolders for most of his work, instead we only got a zip with some old crap.

So what I did this morning was taking an old version of this plugin (not the last one from the MP) I found on my HD, recreated all devfolders, updated it to 4.6.x and after some short testing it seems to work. You can see it live HERE on our homepage.

And here is the download, hope you like it...

If you find any bugs please let me know.

Have a nice day :slightly-smiling-face:

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Just wow - I'm impressed and appreciate your support :thumbs-up:
In my opinion this is a very underrated plugin/app and is worth to survive. On our forums our regulars check frequently looking at the list who was online and read each others topics afterwards, so for us as community it is very helpful.

Thanks and Danke :winking-face:


P.S.: Hope it will work with PHP 8, we are in the process of moving 

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Hi, I regret Pxxx T left the scene.

For a small fee, going from £10 to 20, he kept the themes, I bought from IBTheme, working on my forum.

But yes I can understand... life, health and family goes first.

Thanks for the update, much appreciated!



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