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  1. 1. What area(s) are you going to build next in your community?

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@Robertooo, thank you!

FAQ is definitely on my list. 

There are different approaches to implement it. I always try to rely on IPS Framework (style and functions) and not to re-invent the wheel. This allows FX Pages to be used seamless in any theme. 

I am curious myself what will become of it :)

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I understand, however, each article should be link-able. This is to be able to offer better service quality and point customer directly instead saying: "Go to FAQ".

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Hi @Sonya* I am waiting for your 4.7 version to apply it in my bible text idea.

Basically the key of my idea is give Quote ability to members, when they read the content will quote easily the text to leave their comment. Quote ability will be added into FX Pages Collection?

Then at the top of that book page will show a slider container to display Blocks of last Quoted comment, with more likes comments, promoted comment etc. So when member open that book page they will see firstly the comments activities throught that block. (will be cool give some backgound color to enrich those comments displayed in the block)


The current TOC I would like suggest to replace it with some a Floating botton with some transparency, so while members reading the content scroll down or up, will be easy touching the Floating button and call the TOC menu. 


Could you review my above description and tell me if I can achive my project with FX Pages Collection?

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