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    Community sections

    With FX Pages you create different types of amazing and useful sections for your community. News, online courses, documentations. Grab the tutorial to for easy start!

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    1. How to create blog / articles section

      A community blog is a content with a focus on providing valuable information for your community. Writing a community blog is a good idea to get quality content for your site, encourage discussions, and improve SEO.  There is an IPS application called Blogs. So, why should you create a blog with Pages? IPS Blogs are designed for community members' blogs. With Pages, you create editorial content and have significantly more control over the layout, permissions, and on-page optimiz
    2. How to add help guides to your community

      A help guide section for your community can be created within minutes. Use it for any kind of tutorials, instructions, documentations and so on.
    3. How to create FAQ for your community

      Instructions of how to add a FAQ section to your community. Includes video tutorial for the smooth start.
    4. How to add community news

      Adding curated community news is a wonderful idea to offer your users added value.  This section will look like the news section on this site. Submit news and/or let your users suggest, comment, rate or review. Pre-moderated the content or use automatic moderation. Import RSS into the section or use it as a timeline for your achievements. Requirements Latest version of Invision Community Pages app included in your IPS license (if you are an IPS Cloud customer, you have it)
    5. How to add videos section to your community

      Adding a video section to your community can be the beginning of great discussions and valuable content for your site. It can also improve your SEO. Read a quick explanation of how to use curated YouTube video content on your community. See an example, of what the video section can look like in your community. You can submit videos from any resource. To make it easier for your users, the title, and thumbnail images are filled in automatically. If you would like to have the video descri
    6. How to add image gallery to your community

      With FX Pages, you can create a light gallery for your community. See an example of what a gallery (registered users only) can look like in your community.  But why would I want to create a gallery with Pages if there is already a dedicated Gallery app from Invision Community? There could be some reasons: You are self-hosted and IPS Gallery is not included in your package IPS Gallery is a kind of overkill for your needs. While the official gallery is very sophisticated, it cont
    7. How to create a link directory in your community

      Community are not just talking. People like to collect and share. The resource directory is a section, where community is superior to social media. Let you users share links in a well-structured directory or create a hand-picked quality resource that your users refer to get quick and clean advice. See an example, of what the links directory can look like in your community. To make it easier for your users, the title and description of the linked page are read from the meta tags (if any). FX
    8. How to add online courses to your community

      Learn how to create online courses for your community. Could this be a begin of membership site?
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