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  • How to add image gallery to your community

    With FX Pages, you can create a light gallery for your community. See an example of what a gallery (registered users only) can look like in your community. 

    But why would I want to create a gallery with Pages if there is already a dedicated Gallery app from Invision Community? There could be some reasons:

    • You are self-hosted and IPS Gallery is not included in your package
    • IPS Gallery is a kind of overkill for your needs. While the official gallery is very sophisticated, it contains many settings, that you may do not need
    • You need a gallery driven by administrator, no use for member features

    In FX Pages Gallery, members can submit albums in short and easy form. Just add a title, description, and add images. Done and published.

    You can allow your users to edit their albums indefinitely so that they can add or delete images at any time. Allow your user to participate as much as possible. Encourage them to submit albums by giving points, awards, reactions.


    • The latest version of Invision Community
    • Pages app included in your IPS license (if you are an IPS Cloud customer, you have it)
    • The latest version of FX Pages installed
    • Sample database for gallery, used in the video tutorial below
    • Strong desire to get ready fast :)

    Video Guide

    Follow the video guide to add a light gallery to your community.

    Features and support

    Check the FX Pages features to discover what is built-in. 

    If you have issues, try our support section or use our forums.

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