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    A community blog is a content with a focus on providing valuable information for your community. Writing a community blog is a good idea to get quality content for your site, encourage discussions, and improve SEO. 

    There is an IPS application called Blogs. So, why should you create a blog with Pages?

    • IPS Blogs are designed for community members' blogs.
    • With Pages, you create editorial content and have significantly more control over the layout, permissions, and on-page optimization. 

    Pages allow you to control, who can submit entries and if they should be pre-moderated. You can create blog categories or store the entries without categories. Use feeds to promote them throughout entire suite. Enable ratings, reviews, comments, revisions searching. You can automatically create discussions topics on your entries in forum. The entries can also be scheduled to be published in the future.

    A good idea is to allow guest blogging to get even more quality content.


    • Latest version of Invision Community
    • Pages app included in your IPS license (if you are an IPS Cloud customer, you have it)
    • Latest version of FX Pages installed
    • Sample database for blog, used in the video tutorial below
    • Strong desire to get ready fast :)

    Video Guide

    Follow the video guide to add a blog section to your community. Note: News templates have been renamed to Blog.

    Features and support

    Check the FX Pages features to discover what is built-in. 

    If you have issues, try our support section or use our forums.

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