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    There are built-in features in FX Pages that makes a lot of things easier. Learn how to improve user experience, save time and boost SEO.

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    1. Table of contents (TOC)

      Table of contents, usually abbreviated informally as TOC, is a list of links found on a page before the start of the main content.  It is useful if you have a long page with some subsections. You can create TOC manually, but you do not have to, if you use FX Pages. It can be built and updated automatically from subheadings in your content. In this guide, you can see table of contents right below the title. How to add subheadings Subheadings are special formats. To use them properl
    2. Image caption

      FX Pages helps you to improve SEO and accessibility while adding images to the content.  Whenever you add an image to the content, you should always fill out an Image Title of the image. This title is used for many purposes: The text is accessed by screen reader users to provide them with a text equivalent of images In browsers, the Image Title is displayed when an image is broken, or when all images have been disabled Image Title also allows search engine crawlers to in
    3. Next/Previous Links

      IPS has two types of navigation links below the content.  Back to categories Next unread record This is not helpful if you use position field to order your records. This field is added to sample databases already. Would it be nice to have next/previous navigation links for your pages, lessons etc.? FX Pages creates the links automatically below the content: It automatically picks the page with the next higher or lower position, even if there are gaps in between
    4. Helpful Rating

      Invision Community allows your user to rate any item in your community. One can rate topics, products, or page contents. Unfortunately, the rating stars are very inconveniently placed above the content. The most users would not scroll up to rate the content after reading it. If you enable rating (not reviews!) in a FX Pages database, the rating stars are displayed prominently below the content. At the place where the user is ready with reading and can rate it in passing. To enabl
    5. Category Images

      FX Pages often uses nice cards to display categories. They are more appealing than boring lists. Unfortunately, there is no built-in possibility to add a custom cover image to the category card. Do you wonder where the category images come from on this screen? This has been achieved with a little trick. You can use Pages Media to upload images for your categories. You just have to know certain naming conventions. In your AdminCP, go to Pages -> Page Management -> Media
    6. Mobile-friendly menu blocks

      Do you know the official Help Guides of Invision Community? They are helpful, but they have one big drawback. Have you ever tried to read them on your phone? Especially navigating through them? It's "a bit" a pain. A long navigation menu appears on each page above the content, no next/previous links. It is not really user-friendly. Interestingly, Invision Community has a wonderful feature that allows you to build mobile-friendly menus. FX Page uses this feature. No more long list of menu it
    7. Swap sidebar to the left

      In Invision Community, you set where the sidebar for your community should be displayed: on the right or on the left side. This setting is valid for the entire project and cannot be changed just for some pages. Unless you have FX Pages installed. Then you can easily switch the sidebar in AdminCP. Even more, you can choose in which database the sidebar should change position. By the way, you can also select pages that are not built with FX Pages. This setting will apply to every s
    8. Use page title

      This feature is extremely useful for your SEO. When you first create your database, the database name is used as a page title. The database name should be short, as it is used in many places in your community, for example in activity streams, notifications or +Create Menu. At the same time, you might want to use a kind of slogan instead of the database name on the start page. In database settings in your AdminCP, you can choose to use page title instead. The page t
    9. Limit a content width

      FX Pages allows limiting the content width in your news articles, help guides or lessons. Normally, the content width is extended to the entire available space. This is inconvenient if you don't use a sidebar. Or if you have fluid width enabled. In these cases, the content is too wide and hard to read. FX Pages has a setting that allows you to limit the content width per database.  The width set will not have any negative impact on the responsibility and mobile-friendly views. It
    10. New/Updated Badge

      It is useful to see what content has been changed/added since the user's last visit. Returning visitors of your community see updated (unread) items in your community automatically. On the default template the items (lessons, articles and so on) are marked with a big circle to indicate the content is unread. FX Pages goes further and shows registered users what content has been changed or new to them. The badges help to differ what is new and what is updated. While FX Pages
    11. Styles for blocks

      Native IPS Blocks for records do not use image records and cannot be used anywhere outside the Pages. At the same time, the blocks help to promote your content in forums or other parts of your community. Simple drag and drop functionality makes the usage extrem simple and beginner-friendly. FX Pages include three different styles for the blocks that you can use with any database. See the demo page for the custom blocks made from our news. Usually, you add blocks using Block Manager on
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