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  • Styles for blocks

    Native IPS Blocks for records do not use image records and cannot be used anywhere outside the Pages. At the same time, the blocks help to promote your content in forums or other parts of your community. Simple drag and drop functionality makes the usage extrem simple and beginner-friendly.

    FX Pages include three different styles for the blocks that you can use with any database. See the demo page for the custom blocks made from our news.

    Usually, you add blocks using Block Manager on the frontend of your community. Such blocks use default styles by IPS. You configure these blocks on the place where you add it. If you add the same block in other area of your community, you have to configure it again.

    The more effective way is to create custom blocks in AdminCP, apply a style delivered with FX Pages and the then use them throughout your community. Once you decide to change the style or configuration, like number of records shown, you change it in AdminCP, and it will apply to every custom block. Even if you use it multiple times in different areas.

    Watch the tutorial to see how to create custom blocks:

    The blocks are a wonderful possibility to promote your content throughout the whole community. Promote your news in the forums or  build a nice start page using blocks by FX Pages.

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