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  • About FX Pages

    FX Pages is a free add-on for Invision Community. It allows you to build different sections and areas in your community just in minutes. And that without writing a line of code.

    If you own a community or plan to create the new one, this is not all about forums. Offer your users added value and be unique. Expand your forums with diverse sections that your users will love. For example:

    • News (also useful for blogs, collections, listings, directories etc.)
    • FAQ
    • Documentation (also useful for guides, books, wikis etc.)
    • Courses (also useful for training, classes or tutorials)

    FX Pages includes everything you need: perfect integrated design, responsive mobile view, strong community features and additional functionality you can't live without.

    Look at the example of how news section appears without FX Pages and after applying the styles.

    Community News: before and after


    Looks nice, but do you require any coding knowledge to get this? No. To create a news section as shown above, you do not need to understand a single code line. Just upload a sample database and follow our video tutorial. Get ready fast and invest your time in nurturing and growing your community.

    Every database has plenty of settings like group permissions, ratings, comments, just to name very few of them.

    Let's say you would like to create (and sell?) online courses. With FX Pages you get an appealing mobile-friendly design, a user-friendly navigation and membership features just out of the box.

    Online Courses: before and after

    It is not always just about the content. 

    Speaking of content, the value of your community can be increased tremendously through good editorial content. How about writing a multi-page tutorial or a series of help guides?

    Every community can benefit from this. Customer communities need instructions on their products or services. Fan communities write down the history of the club or the people. Game communities collect and describe all features of a game.

    And how can such area look like in a community? Behold, you are in the midst of it right now. Start with building guides, docs or instructions and this will inevitably bring you traffic from the search engines. Your users will recommend you and link to particularly helpful content. 

    Sounds good? Then let's see how it actually looks in practice.



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