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    Invision Community has the basic internal advertising feature that will help you to place ads in default locations without any programming knowledge. The best way to start with ads is to try out some default advert placements with your admin account. This way you can see how and where the ads are placed. You can also test if the placement is annoying or the size of the banner is not appropriate. Let's start.

    Default advert locations in IPS

    In your AdminCP go to System -> Site Promotion -> Advertisements and click on Create New. You see the screen where new advert can be created. To test different locations we will create a sample image banner ad for each default location. Please scroll on the screen to the selection Show the advertisement

    Ad locations in Invision Community

    These are default locations. In some cases you can see more locations if you have installed third-party applications. Or the list is shorter if you do not use all IPS applications. 

    We will start by creating a new ad in the location Just above the page header and use the image of 970x90px.


    In the example the location name is used as title. Tick Upload images to get the upload field displayed. Use Open link in a new window? if external URL is used in the link field. Otherwise if you want to promote a page/content within your own community do not tick the option. Upload an image. Choose the location "Just below the page header". In the field Shows to deselect all groups except Administrators. This way you can safely test the advertisements even on your live installation. Nobody would see the ads except you. Then save the ad and visit your community to see where and how it is exactly placed.

    Smaller versions for mobile

    The ad images are resized automatically in IPS (as every image) due to responsive design of the IPS themes. However, ad size of 970x90 can be too small to read the banner message if resized. In this case you can upload smaller images of the ads. "Smaller" also means "another format" in this case. For example, you can upload 728x90 for the tablets and 300x200 for the mobile. Tick the option Upload smaller versions? and upload another ad formats. Then test how they are displayed on different devices.

    There is no default solution on what sizes should be used in each ad location. It depends on banner content and ad location as well, not only on device. You have to make experiments to find the best solution for your community. To try out different ad locations with different banner sizes you can download the set of sample banners (below the article). The set includes example banners for the most common sizes according Google.

    Below is a suggestion what sizes can be used on different devices and certain ad locations. You can start with it and then find out the best way for you, your theme any your needs.

    Desktop / Mobile ad sizes
    Location Desktop Tablet Phone
    Just below the page header 970x90 728x90 300x200
    Just above the page footer 970x90 728x90 300x200
    In the site sidebar (*also see ad settings bellow) 300x600 300x250 300x200
    After the first post in each topic 970x90 728x90 300x200


    Additional ad settings

    There are some additional settings that you should be aware of. In your AdminCP go to System -> Site Promotion -> Advertisements. On the top of the list of advertisement you will find a button Advertisement Settings

    Advertisement rotation (circulation) controls what ad should be shown if more than one is added and activated in the same ad location. And the setting Force sidebar to display controls if the sidebar should be shown even if there are no block content blocks but only ads.


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