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    Great plugin! It works as expected. Thanks for sharing it!
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  1. Invision Community has a basic internal advertising feature that will help you place ads in default locations with no programming knowledge. The best way to start with ads is to try out some default ad locations visible to admins only. This way you can see how and where you place the ads. You can also test if the location is annoying or the size of the banner is not appropriate. Let's start. Default ad locations in IPS In your AdminCP go to System -> Site Promotion -> Advertisements and click on Create New. You get the screen where to create new advert. Scroll down to th
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  2. Now we are ready to create a block (plugin) that we will use as a side menu. The side menu displays categories and the pages hierarchically. This block is created in AdminCP, and we are going to use a custom template for it. Block with page menu In your AdminCP go to Pages -> Page management -> Blocks and click on Create new block. Click on Next. On the tab Details enter the name for the block and template key docs_side_menu. In the tab Feed Configuration set the following: You define here the number of records in the block. In earlier versions o
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