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  • Add a Custom Field

    To avoid the navigation block be too heavy, we can optionally create a field that contains a short version of the page title. An example for the long title of the page can be "General introduction to databases with Pages". This page title is too long for the left navigation. It would be nicer if we could output a shorter version here, for example "Introduction". 

    Create field for short version

    In AdminCP go to Pages -> Documentation -> Fields and click on Create new. Fill out the form on the tab General Options as shown below:

    Create a custom field

    Note that the field is set as not required so that we don't have to fill it for every guide. Some guide titles will be suitable for navigation without shortening. Then go to the tab Display.

    Display options for custom field

    Template Key must be shortened_title. If you change it here, you will have to change the key later in the templates. That means it will not work just with copy/paste! This field is a helper field that is used to replace too long guide titles in the navigation. This field should not be visible in the listing or in the guide template. Turn off the both display options.

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