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  • Create categories

    In the introduction to this tutorial we have mentioned that we will limit categories to a two-tier hierarchy. This will keep the page navigation smart and user-friendly. For testing purposes you should now create some categories.

    In AdminCP go to Pages -> Documentation -> Categoriesand create some main categories or subcategories. An example I will work is shown below:

    Categories for the database

    • You can either delete and rename the default category Records, which was automatically created with the database. Just edit it.
    • Create at least one additional main category (in my example Development)
    • In the list of categories click on the plus symbol to create subcategories. Do not create categories in the third level, they are not handled in this tutorial.

    Create records

    Additionally, some sample records (guides) have to be created in each subcategory. Go to the database in the frontend, select a category (we assume that guides are stored in the subcategories only!) and create some guides with Lorem Ipsum content. 

    If you do not create any guides, you will not be able to test templates, that we create for this database later on.

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