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  • Create database

    We are going to create a database that contains categories and assign the key doc for the database. In your AdminCP go to Pages -> Contents -> Databases and click on Create new.

    On the tab Details check that the database use categories, otherwise you will not be able to create a menu block. The key of the database should be set to docs. Use default templates as shown in the screenshot below, we will change them later where necessary.

    Create database

    On the next tab you set the language. This documentation consists of guides / pages, so we will use the word "guide" here, instead of entry or record.

    Language tab for documentation

    On the next tab Options we change some settings as we do not need some features in this database. We will not allow comments or reviews. The record image is not important in this database as well.



    We skip the tabs Forums and SEO, there is nothing to change here. On the last tab Page we will create a new page so that we can access the database to test it during this tutorial. You cannot use a database in IPS if you do not assign it to a page!

    Tab Page for Database

    We do not create the page with Page Builder, but with manual HTML. The reason is that we want to "reverse" the page structure, so that the sidebar with navigation will be displayed on the left side. You can't do it with Page Builder unless you create a new page template first. This would be useful if you want to build several pages like this. For example, if you have several databases that use this structure.

    But for our purposes manual HTML is enough. Remember to turn off the standard community sidebar. Otherwise, your documentation would have three columns (navigation, main content and community sidebar on the right). There will be not enough space for the main content if you have three columns.

    In the permissions' matrix you can set what group should get what permissions for the documentation. Remember that we have disabled comments and reviews for the database, so you can safely omit these permissions for all groups. 

    Add page to menu

    After the database and page have been created, you add this page to the main menu of your community so that you can access it quickly. Or you have to call the database via https://example.com/docs and that is a bit awkward. In AdminCP go to System -> Site Features -> Menu Manager and click on Add Item. On the right side in the Menu Item Type area choose Page. Then in the Configuration section below select the page with the documentation from the drop down list.

    Add menu item for the database

    Save the menu item and do not forget to Publish this menu. Switch to your community and view the page.

    If you do not see the menu item, then most likely the permissions for the page are not set. In AdminCP go to Pages -> Page management -> Pages, click on the arrow down in the line containing the page docs and select Permissions. Now you should be able to see the page in the main menu of your community.

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