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  • Documentation like IPS guides

    In this tutorial we build a documentation section à la IPS help guides. We will not build the documentation exactly the same, however you can customize, extend or adapt it to your needs at any time once you have understood the basic structure. 

    The database for the documentation uses the categories to divide it into the larger sections. A kind of chapter. In each chapter (category) there are several pages that are subordinated to the category. In the original IPS documentation, categories have a three-level hierarchy. I find it overloaded, confusing and difficult to navigate. Therefore, we will limit the guide to two-level categories in this tutorial.

    Who is this tutorial for?

    You need to understand HTML, JavaScript and some PHP to make it with ease. The database itself is very simple. The most interesting part is the menu on the left side (a block). And a page template with the sidebar is on the left side (opposed to the default look of most communities, where the sidebar is on the right). We will not change the community in general, only for the documentation, so that the rest of the community pages will still have the sidebar on the right.

    Attention! The interaction in the left menu with expanding and collapsing categories or marking the current pages works ONLY if you have set up and use friendly URLs to your community. 

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