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  1. Thanks, it was definitely to early for me this morning...
  2. Hi, there is a topic on IC, have a look if not already seen: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/462791-4651-whosonline-widget-didnt-work/ Bye, Thomas
  3. Just wow - I'm impressed and appreciate your support In my opinion this is a very underrated plugin/app and is worth to survive. On our forums our regulars check frequently looking at the list who was online and read each others topics afterwards, so for us as community it is very helpful. Thanks and Danke Thomas P.S.: Hope it will work with PHP 8, we are in the process of moving
  4. Hi there, same here, the plugin itself refers to https://www.invisionfocus.com which redirects to this site. Does anyone know what happened to that plugin, it works fine up to 4.5 (officially)... Thanks, Thomas
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