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  1. Here is same problem - Most Online 0 - not ok!
  2. Most on line block show "zero" - was not before!
  3. I use latest Firefox (64 bits) !
  4. You should enabled more widgets on clasic blue that we can see - i had that skin when i was on 4.4. 10 - nice and simple and fast skin!
  5. maybe here also some padding - attached picture
  6. Take a look in attached picture!
  7. Agree but most important princip that my paid files i want on my PC (looking for take miliseconds if is it organized on right way). If you need reinstall some apps or plugins - (not uninstall) should be problem but no if you have files on PC. I only buy now from developer direct - works perfect.
  8. Thanks - hope that you will be millionaire .
  9. Are those free plugins (from Pete T.) compatible with IPS 4.5? On download page there is no info about that. Should be fine if you can add info. regards
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