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  • How do I start a community?

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    Starting a community is relatively simple technically, and there is no special knowledge you require quite from the beginning. Except of choosing a niche and a name.

    The first steps are:

    • recognizing that you should have at least intermediate knowledge in the niche
    • ensuring that you have long-term interest for the subject
    • learning the difference between a social media group and own community
    • buying a domain and signing up with community platform of your choice
    • configuring the platform the way is suits your needs
    • setting up legal pages
    • installing add-ons and analytics you need
    • inviting first community members to participate
    • getting tips and tutorials on how to make money with community

    Once you actually start your community and promote it on social media, that's where it gets a little tricky, but you learn as you go!


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