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Free downloads for your community.

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  1. FX Pages

    FX Pages is a free collection of Pages templates to build different sections in your community within minutes.
    What community sections can you build with FX Pages?
    Table of contents (TOC) Image caption Next/Previous Links Helpful Rating Category Images Mobile-friendly menu Swap sidebar Use page title Content width New/Updated Badge Custom Blocks See a full list of features and instructions on how to use them.
    Installation and support
    Read our instructions for installation and upgrade. If you encounter any issues, start to troubleshoot in our support section



  2. Sample databases for FX Pages

    This download contains sample databases for FX Pages:
    Blog Documentation FAQ News Videos Gallery Courses Links These databases are used in our video tutorials. We strongly encourage you to use these databases for a smooth and quick start. The databases are free and contain all fields FX Pages templates rely on.



  3. Free Theme: Classic Blue Reloaded

    This is a kind of "remake" of the theme Classic Blue by Pete T, which means that I didn't just update the old theme, but created a completely new one. I have built on the current Invision Community Framework, adopted colors, and so on.
    The theme is completely CSS-based and doesn't need any extra settings, so it doesn't affect the performance unnecessarily. An eyecatcher is a dropdown, which replaces the bottom navigation. For the icons Font Awesome is used and the default entries should be covered so far.
    This is a free giveaway, if you like it have fun with it. Since the original design is not mine, I preferred not to put more work into it. For this reason, there is no live demo.



  4. Free Theme: Bravo 6

    This is a modern Dark-/Night-Mode Design based on the new Invision Community 4.6 (and above) Theme. Lightweight, pure CSS, no additional graphics were used.
    You can see a LIVE DEMO on our site at InvisionFocus.de (select Bravo 6 in the footer). It is tested with Forums, Pages and Downloads.
    It's well maintained because we use it on our own website. If you find any possible bugs, we'll fix them immediately.
    It's free and comes without any brandings or visible copyrights.



  5. Free Theme: STRIKEFORCE

    Ready to strike? Boost your community with a modern theme and stand from the crowd.
    Not only for gaming sites, individualize the look to make it fit your genre.
    Upload your background image and use blur effects to focus on the main content. Change the transparency of the main site area or use solid colors instead. Use the pretty boxed layout with a bigger or fluid width. Easily add Font Awesome Icons to navigation and forums in the AdminCP. Stick the header to the top of the page or add a zebra effect to the forum overview. You will be surprised what the result looks like after playing around with the settings.
    Check out a LIVE DEMO with the default settings on our site at InvisionFocus.de (select Strikeforce in the footer).
    It's free and comes without any brandings or visible copyrights.

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  6. Free Theme: IRONSIGHT

    IRONSIGHT is a light theme for Invision Community 4.5 with basic white/grey colors and a nice layout. It's free, and comes without any brandings or visible copyrights.
    You can see a LIVE DEMO on our site at InvisionFocus.de (select IRONSIGHT in the footer). it is tested with Forums, Pages and Downloads.
    This is no multipurpose theme framework and comes - believe it or not - without any additional template changes, only custom CSS and build in IPS 4.6 theme settings.
    Although it's not equipped with millions of additional AdminCP settings, it is customizable in many ways. As far as possible the default settings are used and for advanced customization, we can post your questions in our forum.
    This work is fan art inspired by Project: Ironsight, a next-gen military first-person shooter by WipleGames, which is free too and available on Steam.

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  7. Translit URL

    Provides a custom transliteration for friendly URLs. Substitutes special characters in FURL according to the custom settings. Supports all applications*!
    To add or edit your custom substitution, log in to your AdminCP and go to System → Plugins. Click on Edit (pencil in the plugin row) and enter the substitution you wish. See the example shown in screenshot for "how-to". Important: One line per substitution.
    It will have no impact on your existing URLs. You can test the plugin by installing and creating a new topic or article or something else that contains special chars in the title. Old entries must be resaved to see the result. Just open an entry and save without changes to get new URL for it. You will not get 404 errors after installing. No broken links. You will not get any broken links when you uninstall, either.
    * The only place where this will not work are tags! Tagging system of IPS is different, so your tags will remain with the special signs, even with this plugin.



  8. Sign In As Member

    This plugin adds a button "Sign in" to the user's hovercard and profile header to log in as member.
    Full administrators have the permission per default. To set up users who can use the button, in your AdminCP go to Members -> Staff -> Administrators. Select the existing group or click on Add Administrator and grant access for System -> Members -> Can sign in as members. 
    For security reason, the button is not available on hovercards and profiles of the users that have access to AdminCP. For those users you can still use the default "Sign in as" feature in AdminCP.



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