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    1. April 2022
    2. To celebrate Invision Community turning 20-years-old , Jordan Millier interviewed the company's founding fathers. This new video interview touches on Invision Community's past, present and future thanks to the insight from Charles, Matt and Lindy. In our chat together, these gentlemen take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and reflect on the company's origins. They explain the power of community amidst the social media boom and offer advice for new community leaders on how to grow.  
    3. Improving SEO with your community is a hot topic with community managers. Many minor tweaks can move the needle in the right direction, but the most significant changes come with increasing crawl efficiency.
      Recently made changes to Invision Community improved crawl efficiency. By removing thin content pages and being laser-focused on what you want to be crawled, you present a more efficient site ready for crawling. Crawl depth is another metric that impacts crawl efficiency. The more 'clicks' Google and other search engines have to make to get to your content; the less efficient your site is for crawling. 
    4. March 2022
    5. Sonya*

      Why community forums stand the test of time

      Since the dawn of the Internet, forums have remained a dominant force on the worldwide web. If community forums are tried and true, then why is the average Internet user bombarded with pleas to follow a brand’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts versus a forum?
      It's often the case that when decision makers consider building a community, they look to social media tools first and overlook the power an owned community platform has. The fabric of social media is also user generated content, however, much of the time it's followers competing for attention or having no interest or knowledge of your brand and its products.
      Community forums focus on the content, whereas social media centers around the individual user. 
    6. There’s a fine line between freedom of speech and censorship. Invision Community always aims to empower community leaders with options to encourage an open dialogue within a community, while including barriers for members who choose to ignore the guidelines.
      Invision Community’s latest release, 4.6.11, includes a simple but powerful new feature to help you shape your community’s tone. It’s called Block Submission. Block submission stops a member’s message from being posted if it includes any word(s) added to your Word Filters list with the “Block Submission” option enabled.
    7. February 2022
    8. Sonya*

      How to inspire your community's members to engage

      So you’re a small/medium sized business who purchased one of our plans and launched a new community. You feel confident nailing down the color scheme, header, navigation and forum categories, but the dreaded “0 replies” is casting a gloomy shadow over your bright and shiny new community.
      A lack of initial momentum is one of the scariest hurdles a new community builder faces. Here are a few tips to kick off your community in style and start receiving engagement right away. 
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