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    FX Pages often uses nice cards to display categories. They are more appealing than boring lists. Unfortunately, there is no built-in possibility to add a custom cover image to the category card.

    Do you wonder where the category images come from on this screen?

    Category cover images

    This has been achieved with a little trick. You can use Pages Media to upload images for your categories. You just have to know certain naming conventions.

    In your AdminCP, go to Pages -> Page Management -> Media. If you never used this area, it is just empty. 

    Let's create a new folder called fxpages. It is important, that the folder is called fxpages as otherwise the images for your categories will not be found. 

    As the next step, you open the database, that should use category images for editing (Pages -> Databases in AdminCP). Scroll down to the field Database Key. Copy the value from the field and return to Media.

    Create a new folder with the same name as your database key and choose fxpages as its parent.

    Database Key as folder name

    This folder is the place where category images will be uploaded.

    But how to map an image to a category? The images, you upload in the folder, should have FURL Slug of a category as a name. To find out the slug, open the category in question for edit in your AdminCP and copy the FURL Slug. Name your image exactly as the FURL Slug and upload via Media in the database folder.

    Finally, you should have this structure.

    Image name should be equal to FURL Slug

    From now, if you create a new category, just upload an image with the same FURL Slug in the folder with your database key.

    This is not as convenient as uploading directly from the category, after all, you don't change the category images every day. Once set up, they often stay for years.

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