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  • Getting Support

    If you ever experience any issues, follow the steps for self-help first. In most cases, you will be able to solve it without external support, give it a try.

    Resolve critical issues

    The first step should always be from your AdminCP. If you log into your AdminCP and visit the Support location, this will take you to Health Dashboard.

    Health Dashboard

    Within this area, there are many tools in which may assist you in resolving issues on your site.

    Review and resolve any critical issues first.  If there are critical issues that are showing in this area, you should address those immediately. These may be items such as incompatible items on the server, security patches, or upgrades which need to be run. If you are unable to do it yourself, use official IPS support forum.

    Clear system caches

    This is a real magic tip number one. You can find this button at the top of the "Tools and Diagnostics" section.

    Real magic button to solve issues :)

    Whenever you experience any issues, try this button first. It applies to any problem, not only FX Pages. In most cases, this button will solve it. If I were IPS, I would add a magic wand icon to it ;)

    Change database templates to default

    If your issue is related to a Pages database (News, Courses, Guides etc.), try to change all database templates to default.

    Visit Pages -> Databases in your AdminCP. Edit the database in question. Change all templates to default IPS templates. 

    Default database templates

    • Articles template -> Category Articles
    • Category Template Group -> Category Index
    • Listing Template Group -> Listing
    • Display Template Group -> Display
    • Add/Edit Form Template -> Form

    Does it resolve your issue? If yes, then an error is in our custom template. Report it to us to get a fix.

    Disable FX Pages

    An important part of the diagnostic process is disabling FX Pages for test. 

    In your AdminCP, go to System -> Applications and click on Enable beside FX Pages.

    Disable FX Pages


    You should disable FX Pages and check on a new tab in your browser to see if this issue is resolved. If it has, then you know it is FX Pages issue. Please report any issue to us.

    If the issue is not solved, then continue to troubleshoot your community with official Getting Support guide.



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