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  • Installation and upgrade

      Installing via Marketplace

      Use Marketplace your AdminCP. This allows you to install 3rd party applications from IPS Marketplace, without the need to download and manually install them.

      This is the recommended method in which to install FX Pages, as all marketplace items have been reviewed by the IPS team. You can find it under the marketplace icon in your AdminCP. 

      To use the marketplace, you first need to sign in using your IPS customer details. These are the same details you enter when accessing your client area on invisioncommunity.com.

      Then use the search filter to find FX Pages. You will see FX Pages is free, no costs.

      Marketplace in AdminCP

      Once you have signed in and found FX Pages, you would click on the button Install. After clicking to install, you will be shown some terms of downloading that product, which you will need to agree to continue.

      FX Pages will be then installed for you, without any other interaction of uploading needed.

      Available Updates will be shown in AdminCP. You just click on Update in this case.

      Uploading Manually

      There may be times you are required to upload an FX Pages manually to your system. While IPS recommends using the marketplace if possible, below are the instructions on how to install manually.

      1. Download FX Pages from this site
      2. Visit System > Site Features > Applications in your AdminCP
      3. Click on the link manual upload above the list
      4. In the popup that you are given, select the file you have downloaded

      To upgrade, you will need to select Upload a new version from the menu next to the FX Pages in the applications list.

      Upgrading templates with new versions

      Whenever a new version of FX Pages is released and you've installed FX Pages via IPS Marketplace, you'll get a notification automatically in your AdminCP.

      Note: there will be no notification if you have installed FX Pages through manual upload from this site. You can subscribe to update notifications for the file on this site to get notified.

      When the upgrade is run, you will be presented with a template version difference screen, where you can see what changes have been made to the templates. 

      The initial purpose of this screen is for those, who have made changes to the templates. If you have not made any changes to the templates, confirm all changes on all templates. This ensures the fixes and new features will be implemented in your templates right after the upgrade. 

      Do not be afraid of the screen, no changes to your Themes will be made. No changes to your data will be made. You are not going to lose something unless you have customized the templates on your own.



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