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  • Table of contents (TOC)

    Table of contents, usually abbreviated informally as TOC, is a list of links found on a page before the start of the main content. 

    It is useful if you have a long page with some subsections. You can create TOC manually, but you do not have to, if you use FX Pages. It can be built and updated automatically from subheadings in your content. In this guide, you can see table of contents right below the title.

    How to add subheadings

    Subheadings are special formats. To use them properly in your content, you have to install a plugin Format for your community editor. This plugin will allow you to apply Heading formats without any coding.

    Navigate to Customization -> Editor -> Toolbars in the AdminCP and click Add Button.

    Add a button to the editor


    You will see CKEditor Plugin tab on the next screen. The plugin version you are going to download needs to be compatible with the CKEditor version.

    CKEditor Version should match plugin version

    IPS displays your current version here so that you can cross-check the compatibility with the CKEditor website. 

    Download the plugin Format from CKEditor's website to your local disc. 

    Return to AdminCP, choose plugin zip file you downloaded, and then submit the form. The plugin will be added to your editor. You see now a new button on the Buttons Not On Editor toolbar at the bottom of the editor management screen.

    Buttons not on editor

    Drag the button with your mouse to the toolbar above. Change the position you like.

    To manage permissions (who will see the button) and areas (where the button should be shown), double-click on it.

    Open your community and start to create or edit a new item. From now, you will see the added button in your editor and can add headings into your content.

    As you can see, this plugin is not bind on FX Pages, but can be used throughout your entire community. 

    SEO tip on using a plugin

    You should not use Heading 1 more than one time on your page. Usually, every page in your community already contains a title and this title is already formatted as Heading 1.

    You should start with Heading 2 inside your editor and use a tree structure (if needed). E.g. do not use Heading 4 if you do not have Heading 3. Table of contents can only be displayed correctly if you have a correct logical structure of headings.


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